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Interview with „The clothes Maiden“


Interview with Kaltblut magazine


Interview with ArtDeckCo



Exhibition: Artists on board Chicago 2014

Ugly Perfection for „ArtDeckCO“- Artists on board, August 22nd 2014, Reverie Gallery Chicago (



Exhibition: Lage Germany 2014

An Exhibition on the subject of „Unterwelten“ (Underworld) LWL- Industriemuseum, April 6th- September 21st 2014.



Yolo Competition Düsseldorf Germany 2014

YOLO- you only live once, Competition, young people are showing a view of life and dead. Johanneschurch Düsseldorf, Exhibition Juli 4th -August 4th 2014



Exhibition: Ostbahnhof Bielefeld Germany 2014

Show at Ostbahnhof Bielefeld on 1st february 2014 in the series of events „Destroy the Silence“